Friday, 24 June 2011

Scotland Tour - Day 4

Using my phone, I didn't get any good pics on the last day in Scotland... so these are some more from earlier in the trip...
Odd couple at 'Rest and be Thankful'

On the fourth day it was sunny and we carved our way south, through the Trossachs, back to Callender and on to Stirling.

I think this was somewhere on Skye
Having Scots blood from clan Kinghorn and clan McIntosh, I needed to visit the town of Kinghorn on the shores of the Firth of Forth... just to see what was there.

Two Amigos on Skye
It was just a sleepy little holiday town with sandy beaches. We had lunch there... the crappiest of sandwiches made by a geezer in a stained string vest in a dive called 'The Wee Shoppe'.

Single track over the mountains
Then back over the Forth Bridge to Edinburgh where we'd left the van. Bikes loaded and we were on our way back south in the afternoon.

Quaint Kinghorn
It's been a few years since I've done a bit of moto-sickle touring... I should do it more often. It's awesome. Besides the iffy weather, Scotland is spectacular and the roads brilliant for high-speed touring. Over the 4 days, I only saw one copper... outside a town's Police station. Steve was pulled by one... to tell him that he liked Steve's bike. My kinda country!

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