Saturday, 6 July 2013

Classic TT - Engine Strip Down

A few weeks ago I dropped the 851 off with RedMax Steve Hillary for the engine rebuild. Steve got straight to work and stripped it down to see what parts he needed for the rebuild. Steve does an awesome job of documenting everything and showing the builds he does. Here are a few pics from the RedMax Speedshop IOM 888 SP3 Ducati Flickr album ...

We're going for a stock engine that is setup right. Reliability, reliability, reliability. Got some nice ally vernier pullys from Mark Lumb at MADASL Racing. Crank will be balanced and gearbox 'rumbled'. Four new rockers and other parts for the rebuild are on their way - hopefully arrive next week and Steve can get the engine back together. It will be put together and setup as good as it can be with what time and money we have. Reliability is key - 130bhp is no use when you're parked up on the side of the track.

Still not finished, but in place for the dyno setup... a sneak peek at the Oronero carbon air runner and dash... more on these lovelies when the engine is done.


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