Monday, 15 July 2013

ManxGP Prep - RSV Factory

While the Ducati SP3's engine is being rebuilt... I've got going on prep for the other Manx GP bikes. I was going to say 'modern' class bikes... but although the Senior and Supertwin classes cater for modern bikes... mine are both pretty old.

First up the 10 year old Aprilia RSV Factory.

Ready to bomb down Bray Hill again!
I went a bit over-board on the side-number visibility this year. Every previous year I've had the aggro of changing the graphics because I haven't passed the 'artictic interpretation' guidelines. If you can't see she's #50, you're a blind-ass-mo-fo!
The old 'race tuned' engine put out 131 bhp at the back wheel on the dyno before last year's Manx. Not bad. She dropped a valve on the rear cylinder just after Ballaugh Bridge on lap 1 of the Senior Race last year. The head damage was 'uneconomical to repair', so I picked up a 10k mile engine off ebay (and got an extra £20 discount for making to journey in the snow...) and dropped it off with my mate and Aprilia RSV guru Don Plane at Southern Cross. He plugged it in, fitted my open air-area and popped it on the same dyno for a tune-up.

133bhp at the rear wheel. :-) She's a good 'un!

A bit of before and after carbon lovin'

Most of my lock-wiring was still in place and the Pirelli SuperCorsa tyres have only done 15 or so miles. Just the usual Manx inspection and checking of everything and a little bit refurbing/tarting up and she's good for another ManxGP :-)

Common Manx-fuel-overflow syndrome from last year...

... sand it down...

...mask it up...

...rattle-can primer...

...a bit of shiny black on top (I prefer satin black...)...

...and shazam. Looking good!

Big Betty on the bench.

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