Monday, 11 May 2015

KMR Prep

Been spending some time prepping the KMR Kawasaki.
Not a huge amount to do...
Fitted a new MRA screen - no more cracks or holes during the TT fortnight. Also fitted some ex-Ducati 888 PirelliSupercorsas

Some pedigree - Jeremy McWilliams winning one of the lightweight races at the Northwest 200 on the wee bike in 2013. I've got those fairings and seat unit in bubble-wrap.

Fitted a compulsory rear light.

 Checked everything... and I mean everything. Every single bolt, fastener, wire, cable. Everything. No cleaning needed - spotless when I got her from Warren.

Some custom KMR velocity stacks and porting inside a heavily modified airbox. The business :-)

 New number-boards... and stuck with the Speed Therapy tradition of hand-cut numbers :-)

Got a track-day booked at Mallory Park later this week for a shake-down. After that, an oil change, some graphics/sponsors/contributors and the's good to roll down Glencrutchery Road. Now... what about that Triumph...

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