Sunday, 31 May 2015

TT Day 2 - Sunday is Day of Rest... for some

Today we were up at the paddock by 09h00 for a technical briefing. No very exciting but some good information... no celebrity selfies today. I think the celeb riders were all still sleeping-in in their motorhomes.

The three-legged garage cat

We then set to work on the long list of things to be done on the Triumph, starting with an oil change. The first scheduled practice for Supersport is tomorrow ... need to get the bike ready and prepped.

We had a break for lunch down at the Cregg ny Baa where we also caught the last 5 laps of MotoGP. Then back to work on the Triumph.

Cool Rat-Monster in the Paddock

We ticked a lot off the list but by 18h00 we called it a day and headed back to Brett's for a delicious home-cooked Sunday roast :-)

Fuel tank saga... more mods to our Triumph fuel tank. We think we'll have enough for 2 laps. We'll see...

We've still got quite a bit to do... but confident we can get it all done before tomorrow afternoon afterwhich we'll be up at skrootineering. Tomorrow evening we have a 1.5 hour practice session scheduled. Unfortunately we have poor weather forecast too. Nae worries... we will be ready regardless.

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