Saturday, 30 May 2015

TT Day 0 - The Crossing

Back home from travel for work at 21h00 last night to meet my brother Nic and Mom and a delicious home-cooked meal. We then started organizing the mountain of tools, spares, gear, equipment needed for the campaign.

Asleep at 01h00 for a few hours sleep then up again at 05h00 to start packing. Lists, packing, loading, checking, last minutes bits and a few hours later we're heading up to Heysham. Roadworks, broken-down cars, traffic jams and many downpours... it was slower going than I'd hoped. Keen not to repeat my many IOM ferry-missing episodes, we left early enough to still get to the ferry port two hours before departure.

They got us loaded quickly, we found our seats and within half an hour I was asleep. I woke half-way through the journey to sunshine glinting off the Irish Sea. I continued the Speed therapy tradition for hand-cutting my "92" race number for the Triumph. Soon enough and we were docking in Douglas harbor.
Nic meets Michael Dunlop

We are staying with our uber-hosts Brett and Julie-Ann again this year. Unfortunately for us, their garage has now been turned into a successful fitness studio. Luckily Kevan (pit crew last year) managed to find a garage to rent for the fortnight just 5 minutes away. We headed to Glenda and Dave's to unload the bikes, gear and setup the workshop for the fortnight.

Our IOM garage from previous years

A few hours later and we had everything unpacked, setup, the motorway muck from the poor-weather journey up cleaned off the bikes and the wheels off for fitting new tyres in the morning. We headed to Brett's on Bray hill for some scran and get settled in for the night.

A bit weird... feels like another Manx GP/Classic TT so far. Looking forward to getting up to the paddock tomorrow to see the difference and experience the TT. Tomorrow is busy... new tyres, finish off prepping the KMR, skrootineering and hopefully out for a few laps tomorrow evening. Be great to get a lap or two under the belt.


  1. Wishing you a safe and enjoyable TT Paul. Am very envious that you're getting to race on the circuit, missing racing there enormously. Keep her lit. Cheers Stuart

  2. Thanks Stuart. Gutted for you not being at the Classic TT this year :-(

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