Sunday, 7 June 2015

TT Day 8 - Hurry Up and Wait

Saturday was bright and sunny... but with a cold wind. The Superbike race was scheduled to run at 14h30 with two long practice sessions scheduled before that where we would have been able to get 2 laps in on each bike. On friday night we found an oil leak from the main output shaft seal on the KMR. So it would be out of action for Saturday. With Qualifying over, the practice sessions would be untimed - we needed to test more changes we've made to the Triumph so were keen to get out.

Early morning coffee

Dropped my helmet off for a new visor and tear-offs

Sugo from Japan sorted it...

And then popped it on the dryer... factory!

After the late night on Friday, we only managed a few hours sleep before being up early to finish prepping the bike and get it to skrootineering before the roads closed. When we get to the grandstand, we find out that the practice session is delayed until at least 12h00. The bikes are ready so we mill around the paddock to try find an oil seal for the KMR.

With Steve Plater...

Horst Saiger is missing the TT after being taked out by another rider at the NW200 a few weeks ago

After 12h00 it was announced that the day's racing would be moved to Sunday and the practice sessions cancelled. It was too windy. Sounds weird but around here your lines have to be inch-perfect... with the wind blowing you a few feet offline in some places, it can be challenging... and a bit dangerous. Last year's ManxGP Senior race was run in windy conditions. It was hairy!

With Ryan Farquhar - the most winningest Real Roads Racer ever!

Shortly after that, we manage to get hold of Ryan Farquhar between some of his media commitments. Has has the oil seals and talks us through how to fit it. We packed everything up get back to the garage. We get cracking on the oil seal. A few hours later we have it fitted. With a long day and little sleep before, we are knackered and decide to take some time out from the garage.

Bike racing legend Trevor Nation, brother of our awesome garage landlord Glenda pops in regularly to chat about Ducati 888s, Nortons and racing...

... and to try the Triumph out for size.

Nic and I get up to Douglas Head - in all my years coming here, I have never been to Douglas Head. Beautiful views... but a bloody cold wind. I am from Johannesburg... I'm not used to wind. We then get down to Port Erin for a bit of  sightseeing.... but the wind was crap and we were so damn tired. We head back to to Bray Hill for a good night's rest.

At Douglas Head

Camera Obscura

Port Erin

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