Tuesday, 9 June 2015

TT Day 11 - Prep and Rest

Exhausted. That's how I woke up feeling after 9 hours sleep. After yesterdays race, we got changed and packed the van... went up to the beer tent and had a celebratory half-pint. We were eventually allowed to collect the bike from Parc Firme at around 21h00. Bikes loaded, we hauled them back to the garage and unpacked. We then headed straight to the Villa Marina for prize-giving.

TT Finishers Medal :-)

Because of the late finish and the Superstock race the next day, a lot of riders didn't attend the event. I collected my TT finishers medal from Phil McCallen - my head only hit the pillow after midnight. I was asleep within seconds.

We slept in... body needed the rest. After breakfast we headed to the garage to prep the Triumph for tomorrow's race. We have a practice after the race scheduled for the KMR too... so got busy on that too.

At lunchtime we went back to the paddock to get some new tyres fitted for the Triumph, my helmet prepped, race fuel and some lunch. We even had time to go up onto Glencrutchery Road to see the boys off for the Superstock race. We watched the rest of the race from Bray Hill and then back to the garage to finish our preparations for tomorrow. We're trying more changes on the Triumph.

Michael Dunlop

Bruce Anstey

Eventual fairy-tale winner and the second win in the week for the 'Bingley Bullet' Ian Hutchinson

Alex Picket on the cool-liveried Ice Valley BMW

By 16h00 we were ready... and knackered. Back to our accommodation for an afternoon snooze. Rest. Rest. Rest. Tomorrow at 12h00 we line up on Glencrutchery Road for the second Supersport race. 4 laps on the greatest race track on earth. I am privileged.

View form Bray Hill at over 140mph... we'll be there tomorrow :-)

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