Sunday, 7 June 2015

TT Day 9 - Spectating

We did a bit of work on the bikes this morning... but they're pretty-much ready. We spent most of the day spectating... up on Glencrutchery Road for the start and then the Grandstand for the Superbike race. A great race with Bruce Anstey eventually taking the win from Ian Hutchinson and James Hillier. Couldn't have 3 nicer guys on the podium :-)

I'll post those pics another time.

Tomorrow is a big day. We have a Supersport practice in the morning (10h30)... a practice session for the Lightweight in the afternoon (15h30) and then the 4 lap Supersport race in the evening (18h30). In between all that we have to change tyres and re-prep bikes. It's going to be a long day.

A massive THANK YOU to all the contributors and those who have bought tee-shirts and caps for helping to get us this far. Just a few practice sessions then a 4 lap ride around the Isle of man with some friends tomorrow.


  1. Well done in the Supersport race Paul. You are living the dream. Good luck for the rest of the week - Chris Bursell