Tuesday, 23 August 2011

ManxGP 2011 - Day 4 - That's the Manx

Got the bikes cleaned up and prepped this morning. I have a new race clutch for Candy on it's way from Texas and some new Rock Oil oil for her at cost price from Padgetts.

Candy and Suzy V prepped and ready to rock 'n roll
I was an hour early to skrootineering. With two bikes to sort I always need to get there early... but this time they played it by the schedule and didn't let us through early. So I hauled the other bike and my trolley up... and stood around waiting. Both bikes through skrootineering no problemo... except a nit-picking skroot who when he realized he was wrong about my lockwiring made up some kak story about how it should be... he tried to save face and has given me more work for tomorrow. Twit.

Modern classes waiting around for skrootineering... where's Suzy V?

Anyways... still through with plenty of time to have a relax, eat and drink. Suited and booted and a new clear visor fitted (it's been dull and overcast the whole day... but dry!) and I headed up to Parc firme.
A bit of pre-skroot banter with the Minns family
There was a 20 minute delay while they shuffled marshals around... then the Newcomers who didn't manage an escorted lap yesterday went out for their escorted lap. One of the Newcomers yesterday, a local lad from Douglas, crashed on his sighting lap... at Ballaugh Bridge! I asked him about it and he said "I was just being a dick...". I guess he's been over Ballaugh at the legal 30mph lap a kazillion times... and yesterday he was free from the legal shackles, gave it welly and launched it skywards. He was ok... but the bike mullered. That's the Manx.

Some stone damage on Michael Moulai's bike - the stones were bad yesterday... shoot up like bullets and nail  you at over 130mph. Many bikes had holes right through their screens

15 minutes later the session 1 lads tore off down Bray Hill. It would be at least half an hour before we got going. I warmed up the bike... chatted a bit and worked at keeping focused. Fifteen minutes after the last of session 1 riders got going we heard that the session had been red flagged due to an incident approaching Ramsey. Approaching Ramsey is fast... hey... it's all fast...except Ballaugh Bridge!

I didn't escape the bullets - a glancing blow was enough to chip my brand new lid... this is the Manx
We waited and waited. Then the session 1 boys came back under yellow flags in drips and drabs. It took a while to clear the incident and we were losing light... the session was eventually cancelled. Ho-hum and bollocks! A lot of waiting around. Hope whoever was involved in the incident are ok.

Classics and Post Classics warming up... with those megaphone exhausts the earth shakes!

Disappointing because the forecast for the rest of the week is dire and today was the day to get those qualification laps in the bag. But we're all in the same boat... and that's the Manx!

Candy waits patiently for me to retrieve her from Parc Ferme... we did a lot of waiting around today

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