Sunday, 28 August 2011

ManxGP 2011 - Day 8 - Another Good Un

Up early (for a Saturday) and straight to work. Got to get the new race clutch fitted. Need an air wrench for the job so hauled Candy down to Dave at EvoMoto in Ramsay who kindly made space in his mad ManxGP schedule. Was hoping to get it done by 15h00 so we can do a lap on her tonight after the Newcomers race which was at 18h00.

$100 express shipping... and I still had to pay £30 duty... AND it didn't solve my problem... Bah!

I head back to the garage and prep Suzy V. All's good from last night... so she just needed a good clean, a check and a holed belly-pan repaired. The whole of last year teh belly-pan never touched the track... it was last night's hoon down Bray Hill that did it. At least I know I'm faster through there!

Oh Candy, Candy, Candy...

At 14h00 I get a call from Dave. Bad news... the spider spring on the slipper clutch has disintegrated. No parts on the island, the importers in the mainland are away racing this weekend and of course Monday is a Bank Holiday... and I didn't happen to bring the standard clutch as spare. I wasn't going out on Candy. Will be lucky to get a lap in on her before the race on Friday. Shit and bollocks!

Today is the start of the Manx 2-Day Trials, loads of trials bikes buzzing around the Isle

On the bright side... I have one bike that's working a treat. I pack Suzy V up and head over to skrootineering and through to Parc Ferme. This year is different from previous years and the Newcomers race is on the Saturday... after which is a short practice. I watch the Newcomers race in the sunshine on the grandstand. Well done to Wayne Hamilton who took the Newcomers A and Gavin Lupton who took the Newcomers B. The guy who crashed on his sighting lap on Monday managed to get his shit together and finish a credible 8th in the Newcomers B.

Look carefully at the name on the frame... "Moriwaki" Someone with deep pockets!

After the race has finished and all riders are home, we get out for a 1 lapper at 19h30. I use tyre warmers on Suzy V for the first time so that I can get on the pace quickly. I give Suzy V all she's got down Glencrutchery road and take the jump at St Ninians flat out... a simulation of the race start.

Mark Parrett helping to get one of the Newcomers going whose bike cut out on the line - they didn't allow him to rejoin the race. That sucks.

I'm on the pace right away and put in a good, fast lap. I caught quite a few 600s which are difficult to pass because of the power difference and was held up a bit through the twisty sections. Despite this, it was a cracking lap... Suzy V was faultless.

He got 4 Jerries... but 4 of what?
Another 103mph lap... but this time from a standing start. Happy with that! :-) I was being slip-streamed down Sulby straight so lost a few mph off my top speed. Feeling quite tired after the long week... tomorrow is a day off so it's beer o'clock time!

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