Saturday, 20 August 2011

ManxGP 2011 Day 1 - Welcome Back!

Left work early yesterday afternoon for a scenic drive across the Peak District to Liverpool for teh evening sailing to the Isle of Man.
Trusty Chev-Dawg and the gurls...
Due to poor conditions, and a broken engine, the ferry departed an hour late and the 2.5 hour journey took 4 hours. Lovely 70mph winds and a big swell greeted us once we were out in open sea.
Views from the van...
Bobbing like a cork on the Irish Sea wasn't too good for me... or my £6.99 dinner. Two hours into the trip and I chundered, puked, vomited, barfed, blew chunks and spewed until I was retching and the occasional gob of Valentino-yellow bile came up. Fuck me1 That was a long 24 hours. was I glad to get off that boat! A few months ago, I'd organised and payed for the house on Bray Hill that I'd rented last year. The owner called last week... they're going through a rough time and have more than one family tragedy... could I find other accommodation?
All calm down the Mersey mouth... 
I'm one lucky sonofagun and within a few hours I managed to find another house just a few minutes down the road in Braddan. It has no garage, but my original landlord generously offered me his garage. The gods smile on me :-) So... I'm signed-on, riders briefing done, technical briefing done, a bit of grocery and fuel shopping done... I'm catching up with my mates over a cup 'o tea and it starts to rain. Piss and bollocks!
Getting kit skrootineered is part of signing on...
The forecast isn't good for the week either with Monday and Tuesday looking to be the best days toi get qualification times in. Not going to get caught out like I did in 2009. "Bing-bong!" Paddock tannoy announcement; "This evening's practice session has been cancelled due to averse weather conditions. Thank you.". You're welcome. And I was wearing a tee shirt in teh sunshine just an hour ago. Bah! Fucking IOM weather!
Candy gets a new paint-job.. and new wheels, brakes, forks, swing-arm... ;-)
So... I sit out the worst of the rain... then load the bikes back onto the trailer. They're wet and slippery... so I drop Suzy V on her side. Nice one! Plonker. Bikes back on the trailer and I head back to the garage on Bray Hill to offload all my crap and setup a wee bike prep workshop. While maneuvering Candy off the trailer, she too goes down with a sickening crunch of fiberglass splintering. Tremendous!
Offload the bikes... load the bikes... offload the bikes...
Once in the garage and organised but wet, I dry off the bikes and check them out. Broken clutch lever on Suzy V. Just the tip so nothing a file can't sort out. Footpeg took impact too... hmmm... peg's a bit loose... let's get it off and tighten it. So I go and strip the footpeg bracket bolt. Great!
Setting up base camp for the fortnight
Candy just suffered a bit of concrete rash and small split in the fairing. Duct tape sorts that. It's been lasing it down for a few hours now and the ground is all waterlogged - I hope the forecast of a good Monday and Tuesday is right... but then... I hope it's wrong and we have fantastic weather so we can get some practice in. Welcome back to the Isil-of-pizzle!


  1. man, two dropped bikes, and a stripped thread.
    you got all ur bad luck outta the way in one go!!.
    hope thats it now.
    have a good couple o wks racin.

  2. This is normal for the Manx - the place is just like that. Part of what makes racing here such a challenge. I visited the Fairies today... so all will be well!
    Thanks for the well wishes!