Thursday, 30 August 2012

ManxGP 2012 - Day 13 - Betty Gets Better

Yesterday's Supertwins race was such and slow, easy ride that when I took off my helmet in Parc Firme, there wasn't a bead of sweat on my brow. I hopped off the wee bike content that we'd finished and immediately got the big bike ready for a lap of practice that was to be run within half an hour - needed to test those changes and see what's she's like.

On one of the laps I smacked my helmet on the steering damper...

Big Betty didn't disappoint. She felt a bit weird at first on semi-warm tyres with those changes. But I settled into the new feeling and by the 7 mile marker I started to wind her up. She wan't wheeling everywhere or shaking her head and fighting me. Now that's more like it! Compared with the sick Suzuki I had just got off, she felt like a missile! That was a fun lap.

Garage life! Today has been an easy day...

Maybe I was taking out my frustration of pootling around and the wee bike, mabe I was just warmed up. I blasted a 108mph lap from a standing start. Almost my fastest lap of the TT Mountain Course... ever!

Betty lookin' purdy

Just given her a full check and clean today... no more changes. She's all prepped and ready to rock'n roll! It's been such a quiet day that I have even had time to clean my leathers. Charging the cameras for tomorrow's race at 13h15 - hoping to have a good race and get some good footage.

Can't wait to get out there and GO FAST!

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