Sunday, 26 August 2012

ManxGP 2012 - Day 9 - Jurby and the Beach

With the bikes prepped, there wasnt much to do in the garage. The weather was good, so I headed out to Jurby for the Jurby Festival to see what I could see. It was pretty much the same as the last two years... loads and loads of all sorts of bikes with celebrity riders thrashing some of them around the airfield circuit.

The bike parking just kept filling up... they were still arriving on any bike you could think of when I left

Nick Jeffries heading ouout for a blast around the Jurby circuit

I found the rider of the George Shuttleworth Speed Demon - playing the banjo and having a sing-song...

...afterwhich, he hopped on and did a few laps

After an hour of so I headed to a deserted beach on the north-west coast, had a walk about then went to the Laxey seafront. just lounged around and on my way out I bumped into Steve Mann and his wife Mandy. Steve helped me with the fabrication/machining for the SV front-end. It was good having a chat in the sunshine.

Ducati's GP13

There were some nice Doocardis there...
Not bad for a camera maker from Bologna

Made in Italy 

Then off for a run, a pubbie and now this. The forecast for tomorrow looks dire. I hope it's wrong and I can get my first dry lap in on the SV after the races.

Laxey seafront

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