Sunday, 19 August 2012

ManxGP 2012 - Day 1 - No Show, So No Go

Day one is always busy. Kit inspection, transponder test, sign up for road traffic insurance, check details and signing on. This all takes a while. Then riders brief. Then technical briefing... With a trip out to buy more overalls and get some groceries in between.

Waiting for technical briefing
The overalls - every year I forget them. 'fireproof' overalls are a requirement in pit lane and parc ferme. The first year I didn't have a clue that they were needed... and managed to find a few white decorators boiler suits at B&Q. The butt of many a paddock joke. Second year I was organised and had some that I had bought online ... they we're too small. Every year after I have forgotten them and bought some more on the island. This year I've gone for Navy Blue.

 One of my favourite TT pics in the briefing room

Back to the quagmire Day Paddock with the bikes. Suzy up to scrootineering. Queue. She sails through. Paddocks stands and fuel up to parc ferme. RSV Factory up to scrootineering. They don't like the numbers and not enough space on steering locks. Problems to sort for Monday. Rainy morning turned to warm afternoon sunshine. Hoping to get a lap in on each bike.

 In the mud... as much action as we saw all day

Practice is delayed 30 mins. As I'm about to get suited and booted, they announce the practice is cancelled due to not enough marshals. Bugger. First practice is always untimed  and it's always good to have a wobble around... start to remember the place and give the bikes a shake-down. Gonna have to do that on Monday... with rain forecast. Oh well... that's the Manx.

At least the newcomers got out for thier escorted first lap... I remember mine... tomorrow's story...

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