Sunday, 19 August 2012

ManxGP 2012 - Day 2 - Tourism

I sat and looked at the bikes this morning for 5 minutes. Not much to do on them. So I had a lazy morning visiting the Faeries, getting a few things from race shop, visiting mates in the paddock and got out to Peel for a pubbie and a bit of tourism around Peel Castle in the rain.

Faerie Bridge

Isle of Man has a lot of things going for it... but the food isn't one of them. It's generally shite.

On the way back to the van, the rain stopped. Within minutes, the promenade was full of locals srolling along licking ice-creams. It was still overcast and only 16 degrees. Suddenly, the place was alive!

Cup 'o tea in the rain...

...swimming in the rain

Twenty minutes later, with queues still in the ice-cream parlour, and ice-cream faced kids only just starting to nibble thier cones, the rain started again. Five minutes later, the only folk scattered around the seafront were tourists. Crazy. Apparently it's the thing to do on weekends on the Isle.

The Isle has loads of sculpture and art in unexpected places

Cannons guarding Peel Harbour.

An afternoon nap, followed by scruptious home-cooked dinner with my hosts Brett and Julie-Ann and then some MotoGP. There have been worse days. :-)

Peel Hill

I love castles


  1. Hi Paul, missed you yesterday (not really, I had one less person beating me). Good luck out there.

  2. Thanks Gary... pants that I couldn't be there and was at a castle instead. Well done on your result!