Saturday, 18 August 2012

ManxGP 2012 - Day 0 - Getting There

Travelled up to Liverpool for the 19h15 ferry to IOM. The 2 hour jurney from work took 3 1/2 hours. You'd have thought all Brits were used to driving in the rain... panic when rain-drops hit the windscreen and the motorway traffic stops. Pathetic.

I get to the ferry before the doors are closed, but I'm not allowed on. The Capt. says: "We've already transmitted our numbers.". Well, transmit "+1". Twit. I'm told that although the later ferry from Heysham is booked full, I could probably get on. Worth a shot.

As close as I was allowed to the ferry - bastirds!
Another 1 1/2 hour drive up the coast and I'm there when they open up the ticket office at 22h00. I'm put on 'standby' till 02h00 while they load everyone else up. A few hours restless nap in the van. Back hurts. I get teh ok to board. I get onto the ferry to find a space they could fit 10 trucks into. WTF is that 'standby' all about?

Smooth sailing

Another few hours kip on the ferry and we arrive at the Isle an hour early at 05h30 to mist and rain. Glad not to have had green-faced, stomach-wrenching vomit-fest like last year's rough crossing. Unpacked and garage setup, jerry cans filled and shit gotten together for signing on.

Man-cave for the next 2 weeks

My Landlord is awesome and makes room for the ManxGP effort

Forecast is good for the first run down Bray Hill this evening. Need a few hours more sleep and a shower... but feel the massive weight of just making it here is lifted. :-)

Cosy conversation. The newbie gets introduced to the Bray Hill by Suzy V...
"So is that it?"
"Yep, that's it"
"Jeez, a bit norrower than I thought. And a lot steeper."
"Just wait till you're going down here flat-out in sixth."
"Holy shit!"

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  1. Good luck mate , hope all goes well for you
    Cheers , Stu#23