Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Classic TT Build - Making Progress

Been away and super-busy the last two weeks... just haven't had a chance for an update. But things are moving forward with the Classic TT Build

Replaced all the wheel-bearings. Nothing wrong with the existing ones, but just to be on the safe side.

Also had a fight to get the oil filter off (proper wrench on it's way for future oil changes) - so haven't been able to get 2 hours of runtime with fresh oil for the next analysis yet. On the back foot there :-( Worried about that lead content.

Because of the age of the bike, some of the fasteners have never been moved since rolling off the factory floor so they need a bit of encouragement to come off. Also, working on the bike, I find all sorts of little botch jobs... mismatching bolts... incorrect bolts... seized bolts. Sorting those as I go. These things are a bit time consuming and frustrating - quite a few visits up to my local race/fastener/tool shop.

The bike had a James Bond device fitted. It flips the tail-light down over the number-plate. It didn't work very well.

Started the tedious drilling for the lock-wiring one needs for the IOM. Gone through 6 x 1.5mm bits so far. Just picked up another 8 that should finish the job off.

Replaced the clutch plates with some Barnett items. I've knackered 2 clutches over the years on the IOM... the bike is held at max power for such long periods of time, the clutches take a beating. Been using Barnett clutches for racing for many years and they're pukka! Also replaced the rusty old springs with some shiny new ones.

Before and after. Tempted to tart up the pressure plate and make it red... if we have time...

Made up a test spacer for the front wheel to replace the speedo cable gizmo. Will get one made up that I'm 100% happy with.

Happy with the shorter gearing-test, I got some more sprockets and changed the gearing around so that I could lengthen the chain by 1 link. Long wheelbase and high-speed stability is what I'm after. The plan is to start off with close to standard gearing and see where I go from there.

Taking things apart reveals a little history...

Cool custom rear sub-frame arrived. Fitted perfectly. Really surprised how neat and easily all the standard wiring, brackets and sub-frame could be changed. These things are often an absolute pain because they were never meant to be changed.

Made up a little hinge for the rear tank mount so that one can lift the tank easily. Also got a couple of dry-breaks for the fuel lines and some fuel overflow piping on the way. Still need to mount the rear heat-sink and wiring, ECU and shock reservoir onto the sub-frame.

Also picked up the bodywork yesterday from Ian at QB Carbon. He made them lighter than usual and gave them a 'Rosso' colour impregnation. Unless you can give a nice hard 2-pack paint-job, the paint just gets a stone blasting on the front fairing and the bikes look tatty by the end of practice week. Colour impregnation is the way to go for the IOM!

The bodywork moulds were taken of a Corsa. I guess back in 1992, open belly-pans were the norm. Rules now state that they have to be enclosed. This is a major pain in the ass. Going to have to do a few modifications there. It's all a bit tight with the lower exhaust... also a bit concerned about ground clearance, but we'll see what we can do with some resin and cloth.

I fitted the bodywork in a mock-up (I just couldn't wait to see it on the bike!). It fits a treat... the bike starts to look the part now :-) Still need to make up front and rear sub-frame fittings for it all to hang onto.

We're getting there. Still no news on my entries though... think the organisers are pretty tied up with the TT at the moment. Speaking of which... the TT footage has been awesome!


  1. Paul, It's looking fab. Could I talk you into a gold clutch plate? It's Gold baby.Might have to tempt you on Saturday :-)

  2. Cheers... the only gold I really like on a bike are forks... see you at DIRTQUAKE!