Thursday, 6 June 2013

Classic TT Rear-Sets


Proper rear-sets would be a treat for the Classic TT Duke... but are an expensive, luxury item. Not really in the budget at this stage. The only changes needed on the standard ones are the rubberised, flip-up pegs. The standard positioning is good... typical Italian - short legs and long arms.

I rummaged around my race-spares box for some spare Harris foot-pegs and engineered a few inely-tuned steel brackets so they can be bolted to the standard hangars.

Happy with the way they turned out... lightweight... ish, don't look too bad (might change the pegs for silver ones to keep it 'period'), solid, sturdy and loads of edge grip to wear a hole in my boot. Perfect!

I can engineer you a set of these babies a lot cheaper than bling rear-sets. £299.00 (excluding the pegs - you have to supply your own). Taking orders now...

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