Thursday, 15 August 2013

Classic TT Build - Cheeky Test

Work has been busting my balls the last few weeks... and with the challenges of this build on tight timelines, it was all getting a bit too much. So I've taken my vacation two days early... to finish the bike properly, get packed and prepped. At 17h30 yesterday afternoon, I felt like 2 tonnes of shit have just been lifted from me. Man, it feels good!

So... I got the old Ducati SP3 out for a cheeky road test... just testin' stuff... including the camera mounts and angles.

In a few years racing on the IOM, despite good intentions, I have not often been able to really test stuff before bombing down Bray Hill. Man, I am so organised this year! To have the luxury of testing camera angles and doing some stickering up two days before I even get to the IOM and having those two days off work is just brilliant!

Looking like that custom belly-pan is going to work out...
Rain ended the fun. But I tested what I needed to... even tested the pit-lane speed limit through my village 'SLOW DOWN' speed monitor.  She felt good. Pulled well and sounded awesome. Handling... hmmm... with a much softer rear spring, she felt a bit vague. Almost felt like the rear had been dropped.

Some beautiful carbon porn for one of my sponsors: oronero

More oronero beauty!

I think I'll lift the back up anyway... front a bit too. Worried about ground clearance. The scientific measurement for the belly-pan clearance is a "fist and an inch" before bottoming out. She's on that limit now. Need to check all the geometry.

Chin pad... needed for the bumps and Bray Hill/Begarrow bottoming out

Dropped the run-in oil and she's got some fresh Motul. Still got long list to get through... but now I got the whole day :-)

Starting to look the part...

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