Thursday, 29 August 2013

IOM 2013 - Day 11 - Rest

Tuesday was a day of rest. Spent the morning getting new tyres fitted and trying to find the source of a worrying clunk sound from the rear wheel/suspension of the Chevy. We couldn't find anything... hope she can get us home on Sunday without trouble.

Started prep on the Suzuki SV650 for Friday's race as we only get 1 lap of practice to Wednesday and decided I needed to get out on the Aprilia for that seeing as I've only done 3 laps on it. It was a chilled-out day.

My Brother and teammate Nic left the island to get back to work. Nic came all the way from South Africa to be part of this year's campaign. He was on the ferry over with me and has been brilliant in helping prep the bikes, spinning spanners, loading the machines, off-loading the machines, spending hours in skrootineering queues, helping with practice change-overs, general support, encouragement, company and someone to bounce ideas off.

He's also a first-class cook and whipped up fantastic meals after a long day with the bikes. One and a half weeks on the Isle with bikes, bikes, bikes.

Thanks Nic - you're an absolute Champion! I couldn't have done it without you Chief!

Nic giving to Duke a toon-up!

Sadly, my partner Alex also had to leave the island to return to work on Tuesday. Although only here for a few days, Alex has been fantastic in her support while here and from afar for the last week of practice and especially for the last few months. Putting up with my long hours in the garage, frustrations, crankiness (only when hungry...) and general selfishness that racing is. Thank you my Sweetheart. I Love you!

My own Brolly-girl!

Alex also had some awesome team-wear made up - tee-shirts and hoodies with luscious embroidery. For years I have wanted to have some team-wear made, but went for a set of new race tyres instead and made some amateur iron-on stuff. This is proper factory! Thank you Sweetie-pie!

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