Sunday, 4 August 2013

Classic TT Build - Forging Ahead

With the engine rebuilt, it still needs to be setup on the dyno. Earliest dyno slot we could get was this Friday. So I got the SP3 back from RedMax Steve on Thursday evening and got cracking on all the other things needed to be done... like test riding :-)

Those lovely carbon air-runners from Oronero. Made specially extra strong for the rigours of the TT mountain course.

These intakes are gonna suck up babies, prams and grannies from the sidewalk!

Exquisite carbon dash fitted.

Seat pad - couldn't source a big enough piece of the super-lightweight stuff... so made do with 2. Not the best looking, but saves 150g over the standard stuff. Incremental gains.

Ditched the old lead-acid battery for a modern Li-PO. Battery choice is free and non-liquid carrying ones are preferred by MMCC. Safety first! Oh... and a few kg weight saving :-)

Splashed some paint over the air-area.

RedMax Steve has many, many years racing experience with these machines. At sustained high revs, the standard clutch slave cylinders pack up. Oberon billet slave will do the job :-)

Gotta keep that heat away from the fuel - there's a few bhp to be had... more gains.

Stompgrips. Not quite period, but are understated and I wouldn't go racing without them. Before they were around, I used to tape strips of plastic ridges to my tanks for a similar effect.

Second oil analysis sample. Interesting to see what it tells us after the rebuild.

Also hardwired the regulator in.

I put about 100 miles on her on local roads without the side fairings (Steve's getting them measured up). Not great timing with World Superbikes this weekend in the area... had to be wary of the cops about. But managed to give her a good shake-down and run the engine in without any problem.

Despite the ignition not being setup for the new cam timing, she still felt good. Rubbish below 3k, but great from there and then at 7k it's like a liitle turbo kicks in. Whooosh! She's quick :-)


  1. Great Bike, Paul. Dream Machine
    Good Luck !

  2. Thanks Edwin. She's all coming together... at the last second... but coming together!