Monday, 12 August 2013

Classic TT Build - Dyno Day

So, on Friday the old girl was down at the dyno with RedMax Steve to get setup for the engine rebuild and her new cam timing.

Steve did a base run with her on the P7 ECU and standard chip. 107bhp.

She was fuelling quite lean through the revs too... not great for reliability. Steve then popped the P8 ECU in with the FIM chip (I asked about the 916 chip, Steve just laughed). It only took a few runs to get her spot-on.


Steve also filled in a mid-range hole with 10bhp and the 'curve' climbs fast to 8k and is then pretty flat from 8 till 10. I'm super-happy :) Built for reliability... and now she's got some extra mambo too!

Chris at DoubleTake Motorcycles (the dyno operator) was really surprised that she sat at 70 degrees the whole time... taking a dyno hammering in her stride. She's gonna absolutely love the Isle of Man!
I'll get some dyno printouts up here soon...

Here is a vid Steve shot of Chris giving her a dyno workout. The sound is awesome!

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