Thursday, 9 July 2009

BAMF Build 01

Great news! I picked up the BAMF motor on Tuesday evening. Now the build can begin!

All lookin' clean an shiny... it's taken 7 months to get this far!

A good looking chunk of metal... 68 kilograms

The Cosworth heads have been skimmed and had some extra porting work done.

Porn. One sick looking slipper clutch! Pity it gets covered up...

I saw an RSV4 in the flesh last week. It's beautiful. I checked out the bits Aprilia are boasting about like the adjustable swing-arm pivot, engine mountings and headstock. The BAMF's got all those!

The way these are adjusted on the RSV4 is exactly the same as on the BAMF - they are using the same stuff from 11 years ago. What they don't tell you is that you can't get the spacers that are used to do the adjustments or any information on how they would be used. It looks trick and is a great conversation point - but unless you're an engineer that unsderstands bike geometry and keen enough to get stuff made up... it's just blah, blah marketing gumpf.

I'm keen enough to get stuff made up and Ant who is ex-KR MotoGP frame and swing-arm designer will help me with the geometry stuff! Yep, this is going to be one BAMF!

A specialist tool - a castle nut socket made from a 19mm hex socket.

Frame on the motor... easier than motor in the frame! Check out that customised adjustable headstock!

Spent a few hours on it last night... doing the stuff that needs to be done before the frame is bolted on proper. Got the cooling system all sorted - because of the Cosworth heads, this is a little different to the standard RSV system. Will do the inside-frame electrics (once again, different to a standard RSV) tonight.

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