Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Flattrackin' at Buxton

I sent my results off to the ACU yesterday. There ain't much more I can do other than blackmail or bribe members of the TT Mountain Course Licence Committee. Blackmail is cheaper.

After finishing the race on Sunday, I headed up the road to Buxton where the next round of the ShorttrackUK flattrackin' was in full swing.

It was a bit weird being at a race meeting and not racing. But took the opportunity have a chin-wag with the flattrack folks and take some pics and vids.

Richard May leading a Thunderbike heat into turn 1.

Here's a vid of the Thunderbikes final (I think):

This is turn 1 of a Shorttrack semi-final...

Pete Boast (#54) and Rusty Hodgson (#49) coming together in the first corner mayhem...

Boastie having a little lie-down under his bike. The race was stopped. It took a few minutes for Pete to come around... thankfully he was ok.

So he changes his lid, gets back on the bike...
...and wins the restart. Legend!

Here's a vid of the Shorttrack final:

And now into the paddock for some of the coolest race bikes around...

I'm not too good at what bike is what... but I'll try. This is 'cool' bike.

Post-race larfs... no idea what the bike is...

#31 - a Woods Rotax?

Steve Hillary's awesome sounding Harley XR750.

Sideburn Gary's cool Woods Rotax (#13) and the funky 'Flatliner' (#3)

I love this one, #82 - a Kawasaki ERsomething.

The racing was great and some of teh riders make it look so easy to go flat-out and sling a bike sideways. Well... it ain't.

It wet my appetite for flattrackin' again... so after the Manx we'll have a look at returning to the clay.

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  1. lovely vid.
    good luck in the manx m8, ur certainly earned your ride!!!