Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Got home from work today and pulled the bikes out the garage to make some space around the BAMF so I can get the wiring harness on.

Took out the Gas-Gas trials machine and started her up... got to keep the fluids fluid you know. Puttered around my house a bit... just losening her up... one thing led to another... I did a few wheelies... puttered a bit more.. a few more wheelies... hit the curb... and launched it and myself down the road.


First time I've crashed a m'bike on tar without wearing protective gear. I was wearing only jeans and tee-shirt and only doing about 5mph. Managed to get some nice road rash... ripped a 5p size piece of flesh out my bionic arm (I got a gory pic but felt it not in the best taste). Bashes and bruises all over. Wrenched my newly healed wrist too. Lucky I didn't land on my head. All this just arsing around... man, that's stoooooopid!

Feel like such a Dumb-ass!

Anyway... cleaned the wounds with surgical spirits, which burns like a mutha-fucka - but then the initial agony and screams subside and it's theres a nice, stangely massochistic afterburn. Not too unpleasant. Scrubbing the dirt and muck out and cutting a chunk of flesh that was hanging off with scissors wasn't so nice though.

Mike arrived minutes after dressing the wound, had a larf at my idiocy and gave me a much needed hand with the harness and rewiring the ignition. Got it all in place and connected up in no time at all (this would have taken me 3 nights work by myself), and then cranked the engine over! She's almost alive!

Mike brought the newly-repainted tank over too. It's gorgeous! A fantastic job by a perfectionist that knocks the spots off my usual Halfords aerosol jobs.

Next step is to get her to Geoff for the exhaust.

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  1. we have all done it m8!. my last one was on an nc30, wet roundabout, in trainers and jogging bottoms, just warmin er up!!!.