Friday, 31 July 2009

BAMF Build 03

I got the BAMF back from Geoff on Wednesday night. We've decided to stick with the existing exhaust system for now. Not enough time to build a proper system. No worries... got the rear subframe, front subframe and header pipe repaired too. Was going to go down the field for a bit of evening m'crossing, but the weather was minging and couldn't be arsed to spend an hour cleaning muck off the bike in the dark and only get home after midnight with a box full of muddy gear on a school night. Might get out this weekend - need to get fit!

Worked on the BAMF till 12:30 last night. It was a mission, but I think I got the front subframe sorted now. Needed to modify the headstock a bit more. New undetray fitted, rear subframe and wiring sorted too. Got the tank fitted and found the new top yolks snag it... a lot. Going to have to cut the yolks up some more - I guess it's more weight saving!

Found the clocks had water in them from trailering the beast in foul weather - need to sort that. The driver side windscreen wiper of the Chevy flew off half-way home on the M40 - it was pissin' down and I couldn't see jack. Drove the rest of the journey leaning over to the passenger side to see out. Srange to drive a left-hooker from the right side. Spent some time sorting that last night too.

Bad news about the custom rear disc I have to have made up. I ordered it 3 weeks ago, the monkeys never put the order through. They recon another 3 weeks... I'm going to be on a ferry to the Isle on Man in 3 weeks. Doh!

I'll get some pics of progress soon. I want to have the BAMF running by the end of this weekend.

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