Saturday, 8 August 2009

BAMF Build 07

I've been balls to the wall at work on Candy (the BAMF) since starting her up on Monday night. From 6 till midnight almost every day.
Fitted the belly-pan (a be-atch!), new chain, sprockies and loads of other little jobs to get her ready for the track.

(Old toe guard - looks like crap and weighs 116 grams...)

(New carbon-fibre toe guard modified with an old Ducati 996 heel guard - looks trick and weighs a mere 54 grams!)

Just fitted the new seat/tail this morning. Still needs some work, but it's secure enough for my first outing... this afternoon. Heading up to Cadwell Park for an evening ACU test session in 15 minutes. It's a bit far (400 mile round trip) but was the only track time I could get this weekend.

Mike also popped some new bearings in and tyres on the trick PVM wheels. Still no rear disc (I hope next week) so I'll only be testing the front wheel today. She's ready to roll.

(Titanium, lockwire and magnesium. Man! I'm gettin' horny!)

I'm just going to go around and check everything. Give her a run, a shake down. If there are any problems, I want them to come out this evening. I need some time on her too because a lot of things have changed.

Cadwell Park was where I basically wrote her off in Oct 2007... I'll be taking extra care around the Gooseneck!

Oh... I think I also bought another bike... more laters... gotta run...

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