Monday, 31 August 2009

Sunday - A Day in the Garage

Minging, drizzly weather yesterday. Spent it in the garage prepping the BAMF and Nic fixing the BSA.

(Brit iron and weather - oil and water)

Turns out the crap handling over the Mountain on Saturday evening was caused by a puncture. I must have picked up some debris from Ryan Farquar's crash at Guthries. It must have been sharp metal - it was picked up, pierced the tyre then flew around under the rear hugger and smashed a hole through the carbon-fibre. War wounds.

(War wounds from the Isle of Man)

Also stripped, checked and cleaned the throttle and linkages on the throttle-bodies. Couldn't find anything to explain the strange behaviour at Bedstead Corner on Saturday. This doesn't give me piece of mind... mabe the wheel was just spinning up in the punctured tyre? Dunno. All looks and feels fine.

(The broken BSA or foul weather didn't dampen spirits)

Nic spent the day up to his elbows in oil and grease fixing the BSA Streettracker. A piece of the steel chain-guard got ripped into the sprocket and went around a few times! It sliced through a wire from the magneto - that bike is an absolute pain in the arse to work on... but he eventually got it sorted.

(The BAMF gets finally gets some graphics)

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