Thursday, 13 August 2009

BAMF Build 08

A couple of things I've done on the BAMF...

Fitted the 57mm throttle bodies... they're monsters compared to the original 50mm ones!

Also built a custom 'airbox'. I chopped up an '04 airbox that fits on the 57mm throttle bodies so it would fit under my non-standard tank. I fiddled for hours trying to get some sort of air-scoop going that would direct the cool air from the inlets through the frame and up and over the top of the front cylinder and up to the throttle bodies. I eventually went back to a solution used on my 2005 Manx GP Mille... an old car mat! In this case a mat from an old 1977 Merc 280SLC I used to have. Cold air is important so I tried to insulate it as much as possible... this is NASA shit man!

The only dyno time I could get is next Wednesday - 2 days before departure for the Isle... living on the edge!

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