Thursday, 27 August 2009

Fifth Practice - Cancelled

The weather's been shitty the whole day. Pissin' down at the moment. Practice has been cancelled. The bikes are all prepped but will have to wait till tomorrow to stretch their legs.

It's on days like this that I'm soooo glad I've rented a house. Three years ago I was camped out in the paddock with a river running through the middle of my awning. Two and a half weeks living in a tent in the a quagmire of a paddock in the Isle of Man weather sucks... big-time.

Good home-cooked food, warm, dry and a telly with TT and other bikey DVDs. Got a dry garage with a hard floor to work on the bikes. Sure as hell beats the mud of the paddock!

So... tonight I bring you some cool pics from local pro protographer Dave Kneen. Enjoy...

(Guy Martin approaching Kirk Michael)

(Local islander Tim Devlin on his cool Edwards Laguna Seca rep SP-2 at Quarterbridge... looks like he's lost the front there!)

(Jochen Trockel coming off at Quarterbridge - he was unhurt)

(Ken Davis leads Paul Coward and Alan Oversby at Greeba Bridge)

(Michael Dunlop on a classic Aermacchi going through Greeba Castle)

(A Classic machine into the sunset at Greeba Castle)

(A pint in the evening, watching the practice)

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