Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Monster at the Gooseneck

After practice - Monday 24th August

As I headed down Glencrutchry Road, I felt the front-end of the wee monster bobbibg up and down over the bumps. Not good. I thought I must have made the suspension changes the worng way. Over the bumps on the fast section and she's all over the place.

A Ducati pogo-stick! It was awful... I was just hanging on through the bumps, gingerly feeding the throttle out. Over the Mountain she was fine...but it's not too bumpy up there. I just took it easy and worked on my lines through the corners and got to know the bike better. The gearing was better though.

I didn't have any tools or anyone to help with making some changes between laps, so I just carried on when I came down Glencrutchery road again. Worked on my lines and got to know the course more. I could get her revving up to 9750rpm past the Highlander Pub - one of the fastest parts of the course. I guess it would be approaching 130 mph... not bad for a little 620cc air-cooled monster. But we need to go faster!

I did an 82 and an 84mph average speed. Qualifying speed is 90mph. Waaaay too slow, but once the handling problems get sorted we'll be a lot faster. 3 laps down and the wee monster hasn't blown up yet, so I'm happy. I also gave my brand new leathers their first airing... they're brilliant!

And... as you can see, my brother got to work with the photography... besides the BAMF breaking down... a fair day.

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