Friday, 14 August 2009

Beemdawg For Sale

After a year of saying that I would... I've finally put my beloved Beemdawg up for sale...

... the thing is... everytime I drive it I want to keep it.

It's been chipped, lowered, blah, blah... handles fantastically and pulls like a bastard!

It's old school... but cool.

It's a bit juvenile, but making clouds of blue tyresmoke still puts a grin on my face and going sideways makes me yelp out an involuntary "Whooo-hooo!".

I wanted to learn to drift proper in this machine... but am in too deep with bikes at the moment and she hardly gets used... and I need the cash to pay for my new bike aquisitions.

So... if you or you know anyone looking for a bag of larfs check out the Pistonheads advert and get in touch.

It's the most fun car I've ever owned.

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