Monday, 10 August 2009

Cadwell Testing

It was a beautiful evening on Saturday. After fighting through traffic on the M25 I got up to Cadwell after 4 hours 45 minutes. I signed on, unloaded Candy and suited up. It was an ACU test session with an open pit lane. Perfect!

(Warm summer-evening glow in the Lincolnshire hills...)

The noise test for Candy was 105.9 dB. The max allowed for racing is 105... they warned me and let me on track at 18h00. I did a few slow laps... just checking everything.

When I came in there was some oil down the side of the bike - I traced this back to the steering damper. I cleaned up the oil, checked everything and got out for about 8 laps at 90% pace. Came in... check. Everything good... no more oil.

10 litres of fuel in and out for an 18 lap, 35 minute session. Pinning a loud VeeTwin on one of the prettiest race tracks in the world in the warm glow of evening light was simply glorious. I love Cadwell.

There were hardly any other bikes on track and I was going quicker every lap. After riding nothing more than the 60bhp monster for the last 18 months, it took me a while to get used to the sheer acceleration and speed of this bike. You hit the straight bits, wind the throttle open and "Fuck Me!" you're flying! Stonking brakes too!

She felt really good... a lot more agile than before the rebuild. I've completely changed the geometry and now it is similar to the race-winning monster.

(Used Dunlop GP209s on her... I loved 'em. Simmilar feeling to the Dunlop slicks that I used to use and love.)

Nothing fell off, nothing broke, no issues (besides the initial oil dribble), Candy ran perfectly and felt better and faster than she ever has. I could hardly believe it!

I have been so worried that the bike would explode into a mess of engine parts, fire and oil... or there would be some major issues. Such a relief! I could race her tomorrow. I still have lots of things to do like fit the 57mm throttle-bodies, get her power-commanded and dynotuned (more bhp) build an new 'airbox'... a whole list. But none of the tasks are show-stoppers. She is already better than she was when I did the Manx GP on her in 2006.
I got home after 12. Relieved.

(Not finished... but lookin' damn fine!)

Did some more work on her yesterday morning then headed up to the farm for some crossing with the lads. It hasn't rained there for a few days so the track was dry and fast. It was a hoot, I got a great workout AND didn't have to stand in the rain for an hour cleaning spadefuls of mud from the bikes!

Now I'm struggling to find someone who can fit a Powercommander and dynotune the beast before we leave for the IOM. But this won't stop the show...

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